A Book of Lost Tales

A Book of Lost Tales

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The Book

A Book of Lost Tales is a ballad of the average teenage mind through its early journey into the depths of emotions and experiences. This was the inspiring element for The Ballad of Chaos.

A Book of Lost Tales is available from Lulu.com as eBook as well as large size art book. It comprises of a set of poetry from The Ballad of Chaos, told through graphic art created by the author.

The Poetry


It started like it always did,
With a body.

This one was in the river.
I could tell she had once been beautiful.

But this, a bullet and fast current
Had taken away from her.

All we are, all that we think we are,
All that we are certain about
is taken away from us.

Eternity had been my teacher,
My mistress.

From the moment I opened my eyes,
she was in my blood, like cheap wine.

Bitter and sweet, tinged with regret.
I’ll never be free of her,
Nor do I want to be.

For she is what I am.

All that is.

All that should be.

The Land Before Time

In the land before time
Dainty, alluring and divine
T’was when I first saw her
Forgive me, for, for giving, my heart wasn’t mine

Lost in the treachery of reason
In the abyss of agony during hunting season
I was shot down by the man with the deal
With crippled heart and soul that shouldn’t heal

I built a ladder to heaven
To call for aid my brethren
To run away from my fate, the danger
of becoming my own doppelganger

That’s when time killed time
And destiny replaced history’s rhyme
When the cycle was recycled
And creation was recreated

In the land after time
Divine, alluring and dainty
T’was then that I saw her again
And this time she took it from me

The Siren's Call

The sweet torment of love
The willful surrender to lust
Moaning, gasping, intense orgasms
On the precipice of conciousness, only just

The chilling tremble of lips
The sweaty warmth of the breast
Urging, begging, burning loins
Borderline insanity, recently bequest

The frightful tingle of touch
The hoarsely beating heart
Dominating, enslaving, empowering feelings
Hails after you, every single part

The cherished soreness of bodies
The elusive bonds of the soul
Toppling, turning, tumbling reality
Whispers my name, the siren’s call

The Land Before Time II

In the land before time
Dainty, alluring and divine
She and me were in love, or so I did surmise –

Only with her kiss, I thrived
With her touch, survived
And felt paradise, albeit in illusion’s disguise.

Then one day, a cruel bastard
Called reality, remastered
Caught me unawares, enslaving me it professed –

In the land before time
Dainty, alluring and divine
She and me were a lie, I was just a fool obesessed.

In her wake, I had faltered
And my destiny, I had altered
Now as I procrastinate, to me the wind murmers –

A devil’s advocate, she had been
Laid claim to my heart, unseen
But had made me sell her my soul, in exchange for hers


In this dark harvest of season
My life completely lost its reason,
For which or against to decide
All lost in a savage, bleak tide.

In a boat made of hope
I shall sail to tomorrow,
In a winding hurricane
Made of treachery and sorrow.

A spear, endless, and colossal
Through my head, reaches from heaven to hell,
The armies within, fighting, burning
In my head, crying, crashing.

Not merely mine
It is the choice of Way,
An option of the voice
It is a thin line of gray.

Nothing that I do shall matter
All things will eventually shatter!
Scattering my hopes, darkness shoves me a decree
It wants to win and to take over me.

“Only with me shall you strive
With my help, survive,
And achieve paradise
In illusion’s disguise!”

“To my terms, should you agree
Make this pact of soul with me,
I offer not deprivation, only salvation
Sign here, in the name of revolution.”

Winning me, it makes me agree
Only to be greeted with a treacherous glee,
Darkness enshrouding, standing over me

“With the light here once and for all undone
You and I shall become one!”

A storm of shadows, ice and fire
Danced around with glee,
The Ring of Kronos encapsulated me.

My wings turned to ash
My heart covered in frost

And all I ever wished, was to be free.