I stood between two mirrors; and I tried to look for the last reflection.

I understood God.

The last one, the tiniest one, that I could see, was not really the last of them all; but only the last of what I could fathom.

I understood Faith.

That seemingly last reflection, the tiniest, most insignificant needle in the haystack; it held all the other reflections that came before it.

I understood Life.

I admired the sheer expanse of its contents, a multitude of universes, a staggering depth of blazing thoughts, questions and interrogative answers.

I understood Heart.

I squinted and could make out myself in the last reflection, overshadowed by own self. It was like my life was laid out like a path before me.

I understood Purpose.

I looked at myself, many iterations, many universes away; my shoulders heavy with burden, my eyes dark with patience, my brain aching with knowledge and my hands frozen by duty.

And then, I understood You.